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When blueberry plants are between 5 and 6 years old, removal of some of the older canes should begin. This will stimulate the development of new, productive, canes. Each year, thinning cuts are used to remove approximately 25% of the oldest canes by cutting File Size: 1MB. How do you prune an overgrown blueberry bush? Generally, I recommend growers remove two-thirds of the new shoots the first year and then about half the new shoots the second.

You want to prune them when the fruit buds are showing.

An alternative to cutting the whole bush down is to remove one-third or half the. Mar 11, J.G. Williamson, F.S. Davies, P.M. Lyrene Pruning has long been recognized as a beneficial cultural practice in blueberry growing. Skillful pruning requires experience and growers generally develop their own style which may be slightly different from their neighbor's, but should accomplish the same objectives.

The following text discusses some basic principles of pruning and. 4 How do you prune blueberry bushes for winter? 5 Are used coffee grounds good for blueberry bushes?

Look for branches in the middle that don't have any or very much new growth.

6 Why are my blueberry bushes not producing? 7 How do you prune blueberry bushes in Florida? 8 Do blueberries grow well in Florida? 9 How do you care for blueberry bushes? 10 What is the life expectancy of a blueberry bush? 11 Can you hard prune. Nov 25, Canes that are more than seven years old become less productive. To keep them producing well, blueberry bushes need to be pruned every year. If your bushes have never been trimmed, be careful not to go overboard the first year: Remove no more than two or three of the oldest canes (more than seven years old).Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

When plants are 5 to 7 years old annual thinning should begin. This pruning should be done in winter when plants are dormant and consists of removing about 25% of the older canes down to the ground. This will encourage new canes to sprout which will be vigorous in growth and more productive in fruiting.

UF/IFAS Publications Blueberry Gardener's Guide.

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