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Nov 27, 1. Open face notch, aiming with top cut. Recommended for felling most trees on flat or slightly sloping terrain. Safe and the easiest way to get it right. Recommended method: safe and reliable.

Used for most purposes in flat or slightly sloping terrain. Easier for the bottom cut to meet the angled top cut for directional bushchopping.pwted Reading Time: 6 mins. When felling a tree, always start by making a directional notch (also known as a face cut) on the side of the tree where you want it to fall.

This allows you to control the direction of the fall – essential to avoiding accidents and injury to you and anyone nearby. Simply put, making the directional notch correctly is vital to safely felling a tree. The notch is made in the normal manner. A bore cut is made in the center of the notch using the lower quadrant of the bar tip. Cut out as much wood as needed so the bar will reach from both sides. Remove the saw. Start a bore cut at the normal level for a back cut, again using the lower quadrant of the bar.

Mar 05, On the off chance that the individual is cutting in a tight spot, where accuracy is pertinent, the open-faced notch is considered the safest and secure notch to use. In this notch, a vast, sideways V is cut into the side of the tree. The primary cut goes in a Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 30, This is what will actually make the tree fall. Move to the opposite side of the tree, away from the notch.

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About an inch or more above the notch, begin an even back cut. You want to create a hinge, so you will not cut all the way through. As the tree starts to move, stop the cut and take one of the paths to safety. 9. Try to choose a spot that is level, or the tree could roll, bounce or otherwise move and cause damage or injuries. Make a Horizontal Cut – This cut should not be higher than your hip, and it should extend no more than one-third of the way into the tree. Keep in mind that the tree will fall.

Dec 01, To fell a tree with a chainsaw, first position your chainsaw feet off the ground and at a 70°angle, and cut a notch ⅓ of the way through the tree stump grinding gainesville fl, Minneola FL. Then, make a horizontal cut at the base of the notch, also ⅓ of the way through. Next, use the tip of your chainsaw to make a bore cut from a couple of inches past the notch to the opposite side of the tree trunk.

Step 1: Cut a Notch in the Felling Direction Make it a big notch that goes more than halfway through the tree. The"mouth" part of this notch faces in the direction you want your tree to fall. If the tree is mostly upright and the branches are sort of symmetrical it will want to fall that direction.

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